LOVE is like MAGIC ..but sometimes, MAGIC is nothing more than just an ILLUSION ..

Friday, August 3, 2012


its a big turn off for me when a guy said 'ish, dah besar pun na g funfair ke..merepek je..'

i'm a big girl who loves all the fun stuff including the funfair..
i'm a big girl who still hasn't lost her touch with her inner child..
i'm a big girl who loves to have nonsense conversation and act ridiculously..

i would appreciate anyone who would cope and entertain me as myself..
but i would rather having someone who would not only would cope and entertain me,
but also would love and be as excited as i am with all those act..! =)

i am a girl who would
love to play around, splashing water, throwing flour, run here and there..
get excited whenever i see a funfair..
talks a lot whenever i'm comfortable..
fall down, knock my head around, stumble here and there, misplace things..
love to eat and drink lots of water..
cry for cats..
stop by the road side to feed stray cats..
slap, tug, pinch you on your face and hair..
hold your hand, chew your finger, play with your fingers..
sleep on you, even maybe would left my stale saliva on you..
use your hands and shirt to wipe my nose..
stuff you with popcorn, put the hair clip on your hair, then laugh at you..
wont mind if i broke a nail, if my shirt got stain, if my face is comot...
dont mind going somewhere and do nothing just to spend time with loves one..
give my best to surprise, to spend, to do ridiculous things just for the sake of a smile on my loves one face..
worry bout the most ridiculous and nonsense thing..
be mad at you for 1 minute, then ask for hugs or cuddles the next minute..
shout to you then would be saying sorry in less than 5 minutes..
bug you for my everyday nonsense conversation and daily report..
take your things and stuff to keep and cuddle with at nite..
think and take cr of you more than myself..
able cry then smile on the next minute..

i cant list it all..
those who knows me, knows me..
i am who i am..
if you think i'm being ridiculous, nonsense, annoying..
my best advice, stay away..

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