LOVE is like MAGIC ..but sometimes, MAGIC is nothing more than just an ILLUSION ..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i can but i can't..

my dear,

i may forgive you for everything you've ever done to me..
for hurting me..
for letting me down..
for letting me fall apart..
for letting me go..
for letting me fade..

but my dear,
i just can't forgive you for everything you've ever done to us..
for hurting us..
for letting us down..
for letting us fall apart..
for letting us go..
for letting us fade..

we were perfect..
but i guess perfect is simply not enough for you..
we were awesome..
but i guess two awesomes cancel each other out..

i'm sorry..
all that's left are memories..
hold on tight to that..
cuz if you let that fade too,
someday when you misses me more than ever,
you'll have nothing left..

take care..

your used to be.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

cuma 1 yang masih belum..

awak tau tak..

TAKDIR tu boleh buat external saya kna virus smpai saya terpaksa delete suma text2 awk, gamba2 awk, gamba2 kte, video awk, record suara awk, suma nye la yg saya simpan..

TAKDIR tu boleh buat hp sy jatuh longkang sampai abes ilang suma text, gmba, video, record, suma yg sy tak move kan ke external tu, suma yg betul2 itu je yg tinggal lpas external sy tu kena format..

tapi kan awak..

TAKDIR tu masih belum ilangkan segala ingatan, segala kenangan, segala sayang, segala kasih, segala rindu saya kat awak dari hati saya ni, dari pala otak saya ni..

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my vow.

i'll never leave u..
even when u leave me..

i'll always b by ur side..
even when u're not..

i'll stand by u through prosperity nor adversity..
even when u left me in despair..

i'll make sure u laugh..
even when i'm crying..

i'll wish for ur happiness..
even when i'm hurting..

i'll be here waiting for u..
even when u're gone missing..

i'll wish for ur safety..
even when i'm surrounded with troubles..

i'll wish d best for u..
even when i'm at my worst..