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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tumbling sentences..

have you ever have that someone in ur life who sentences of his/hers, triggers your mind to think..?

an old post in facebook, posted by me which says,
'often, strangers walk into ur life then later became someone who you thought you knew..'

then this one person commented on that post..
'wrong. often, someone who you thought you knew, walk into your life then later became strangers..'

well, well, well..
isnt that perfect? way better and true compared wif d original..

from there, whenever i thought of something, i would try tumbling the sentences..rearrange, backwards..
few minutes before i wrote dis, dat person posted on his wall..
'do you understand wif what u believe..'

and that makes me think..
then i decided to settle down with an answer of no..
again..try tumbling the sentences..
do you believe with what u understand?

not necessarily ryte?

why i say no..
because, sumtimes, all we have to do is just believe..
dats why its called believe..
we may not understand it, but as long as we believes it, no matte what, we'll believes it..
but of course, with understanding, it would strengthen our believes and faiths..

tumbled sentences..
of course..
we understand a LOT..
but not everything we believe ryte?

hm, not proving anything..jz random thoughts..
well, some sentences may means the same when it is tumbled..
however, it does make it more interesting and different..
also, it makes you think differently from your usual way of thinking..
in other words, different perspective!

thanks bro!

till next time..

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