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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the mighty of MAYBE and PERHAPS..


have u guys ever thought the mighty of those two words?

one is sick with a disease which could not b cured..diagnosed to have 2-3 years to live..but with just a thought of MAYBE/PERHAPS he could get better or dat they'll find a cure, one could live up to 5-6 years..!!

above is just an example..
MAYBE/PERHAPS had done a lot more of their mightiness..
simply open ur eyes and look..
forget the big things..
MAYBE/PERHAPS is there in ur daily life..

even a tiny thought of MAYBE/PERHAPS is enough..
to give us a tiny hope to keep on going..
to put a simple smile on our faces..
to let us laugh again out of sorrow..
to make us feel the need to wake up every morning..
to make us stay faithful to whoever or whatever..

even when everyone else left you..
even when you are standing all alone..
even when u feel like there is no tomorrow..
even if u fell your deepest fall..
there is always MAYBE/PERHAPS standing there..
giving you hope..

one thing that MAYBE/PERHAPS had taught me..
is to hold on n never give up on those we precious the most..
let alone those you could not live without.. ;)

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